Friday, April 23, 2010

Caterpillar Bush

One of the best things about taking a walk around the neighborhood with children is that they point out so many things we adults miss because we are busy thinking of how busy we are. Without our children to continually point out the wonder of the natural world and to quiet our adult 'to do' list, we 'grown-ups' would miss so much of the true beauty of life. I am grateful today, for Jonah's insistance and bold tug of my hand. For without his eye and his wisdom-this is what I would have missed.

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grandkid fan said...

It is nice to see Jonah so interested in the natural world and so alert about daily things.
I think I know exactly where that bush is - down the street from you at the corner, right? He showed me some of those creatures at Christmas. Can't wait to see the boys - in less than a week!!! :)