Friday, April 23, 2010

Caterpillar Bush

One of the best things about taking a walk around the neighborhood with children is that they point out so many things we adults miss because we are busy thinking of how busy we are. Without our children to continually point out the wonder of the natural world and to quiet our adult 'to do' list, we 'grown-ups' would miss so much of the true beauty of life. I am grateful today, for Jonah's insistance and bold tug of my hand. For without his eye and his wisdom-this is what I would have missed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An 8 year old 's musings

Dante has become very astute at noticing the differences in girls and boys as well as ethnic features in his family and friends. He is a very cerebral boy and does a lot of dreaming and thinking. This is what he asked me yesterday.

"Mommy, was Daddy made in China? "

Monday, April 12, 2010

Iron Mountain

A few women from work and I have formed a hiking group. W.O.W (Women of Whitney) hikes almost every weekend and has 4 overnighters planned to prepare for summit ting Mt. Whitney in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Mt. Whitney is the highest peak in the contiguous US at 14,497 feet.-being beat out by Mt. McKinley in Alaska at 20,3230 feet. From 'Base Camp'(aka Whitney Portal) the elevation gain is over 6000 feet. So we are planning and hiking, hiking and planning. We are eating sleeping thinking Mt. Whitney. We have been approved for our permits, we are buying our gear and mostly, just getting out there and burning up the trails! We have blisters and callouses and injuries already, but we are enjoying our comradary and the journey. Elevation will be our biggest obstacle I think. We know it isn't a race though-we don't care how long it takes for us to summit. We have permits for two nights on the mountain. And reservations for a hot spring spa once we get back to the Portal! Here are pictures of some of our training.

View from the staging area. We hiked Iron Mountain in Poway, CA this weekend. We staged at the Ellie Lane park n hike. It added 6 miles to loop trail. We hike 9.6 miles in 5 hours with an elevation change of 3100 feet. We had a few detours, breaks for snacks and injury repair. All in all it was a fabulous day!

Pasture at the trail head. AKA suburban farming...

Sharon, taking a break and admiring the views.

Hotties on the trail.

Springtime in San Diego. February-May is springtime here. The yearly average rainfall of 10 inches produces stellar wildflowers and emerald green grasses. The landscape is awash with color for a few months before going wheaten and dry for the rest of the year.

We are supposed to go this way, right?

...uh...guys? I'm pretty sure we were supposed to go to THAT peak...

refueling before heading on our way back to the main trail.

Iron Mountain Summit!

Injury on the's Nicoles Karma for laughing at ME for falling last week. Haha! She does like to show me up, though. She actually had blood and everything...

Short cut via the 67 hwy. We found out quickly that walking on asphalt sux! We were exhausted and were 9.0 miles into the hike, Nicole was injured, we were hungry, and thumbing it looked like a good idea at the time...

Friday, April 2, 2010


Jonah is 5 now, and has lots of wisdom regarding his Faith. He goes to Parochial pre-K and will continue on at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School just like his 2nd grade brother. Because it is almost Easter, Jonah was telling me all about the lineage of our Christian Traditon. He said," Mary is the Mother of God, and Jesus is His Son. I feel sorry for God. He doesn't get to have a Grandma."

Maybe that's why Grandma's are so special. God made them extra good because He didn't get to have one...