Sunday, November 29, 2009


It hasn't rained in months. We awoke Saturday morning to the booming sound of thunder and pouring rain. It pummeled the roof and blasted the windows. We were all happy to stay piled in bed most of the morning as we listened to the wind and rain wage their fury. By afternoon the rain subsided some, so we adventured out to our favorite park and fishing hole, Guajome Lake. It's a short bike ride from the house but the few hours of rain caused much runoff and Spring Creek-the creek that runs through our subdivion and feeds Guajome Lake, always swells after even the smallest rainstorm and becomes impossible to pass with our beach cruisers. So we piled in the car with the fishing poles- Dante was convinced that the rain would land him a world class catfish-and drove around the bend to the lake/pond. We haven't caught anything here all year, but Dante refuses to give up hope. Here are some pics of our rainy day outing. And no, we didn't catch anything.

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