Monday, July 20, 2009

Dante's Eighth Birthday

So along with Dante's deep sea fishing adventure, we also had the quintessesntial kids birthdy party-with a pinata, hot dogs, hamburgers, bounce house and party games. It's so easy to make kids happy at this age. May we all learn a lesson from the glee of children....all we really need are family, friends, hot dogs, and cake!

This is like "duck duck goose", but we re-named "Worm, Worm, FISH!"

This was our version of "Go Fish." I made a Target with numbers on it. The kids got to pick three fish I printed from the internet and cut out. The stood on a chair and dropped the fish onto the target. Whoever got the most points with their three, won.

Good old musical chairs-no special fishy me-if I had found some, I would have used it!

A twist on "pin the tail on the donkey." This was a homemade version called "pin the worm on the hook." We have to keep within the 'fishing' theme, afte all! (Dante now has this game taped to his bedroom wall as a rememberance of his 'super awesome birthday!')

The candy grab-after the pinata first broke from the string, than got whacked to death on the ground.

The CAKE! I get all excited at the prospect of making kid's cakes, but when the day comes to actually do it, I get all nervous and overwhelmed and crabby. This was actually pretty easy once I took a deep breath and got all the pieces cut out and attached and frosted. I was smart and frosted the tail and fins before I attached them. I also froze the cake first so it didn't get all crumbly and fall apart as i frosted. Two day before the boys helped me to separate out all the M and M's by color. The tail and fins are covered in Swedish fish. The scales on the body are M and M's. The eye is a mint lifesaver and an M and M. The sides of the fish are covered in gummy worms- the mouth is a gummy worm, too. The 'sea shells' underneath it are from those candy molds that you can get at Michaels. Easy, Peasy. The boys were very impressed with my 'hard work.' Just don't ask me to do a wedding cake....I can do kitchy, but not fancyschmancy.

Apparently we sing too loud and off-key...

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