Monday, June 1, 2009

Queens of the Campground

I've been wanting to go camping for a few months now. I have some friends at work who also camp, or want to learn to camp and viola! -the first annual all girls camping trip is born! The closer the date came, the more nervous I got because, as the 'organizer' I wanted to insure that everyone had fun and that the trip didn't bomb. I needn't have worried-the six of us got along wonderfully and the weekend was more fun than I could have even imagined! My belly still hurts from two days of nonstop laughing. I bought everyone 'princess tiaras' to wear-we had them on in the car driving up to Idyllwild-about and hour and half northeast of Oceanside. Withing five minutes of arriving at our campsites, the whole campground knew who we were. Who else wears crowns while camping?! We got our sites set up in no time, had our fire roaring, popped open some beer and Mike's hard lemonade and the party began! It was really non-stop laughing and good natured ribbing the whole weekend. We ate well, hiked, told ghost stories and had the most fabulous time! We even pranked other campers with our whoppee cushion. (I don't care how old you are-fart humor is always funny!) Here are some pictures of our weekend. Next all girls trip-TBA!!!!

Queens of the Campground! Idyllwild, CA

Nicole "Martha/McGuivre" Moran

Alexis "Cherry" Drake -our first time camper!

Melissa "Grandma" Clark and Tonya "Queen Bee" Saliba

We know what we are doing! REALLY!

Camp Chow-my shrimp and sausage jumbalaya,corn on the cob on the grill, salad and Nicole's homemade Thousand Island dressing.

The Queens in the flowers.

Jen "chipmunk" Whiting. She laughs like a chipmunk which sets us all off, which makes her even more chipmunky. It's partly her fault I laughed until I cried.

Thistle. The wild flowers in the desert and at the coast are dried up already-it was a pleasant suprise to see so many wild flowers up in the forest.

Rocket-the only boy allowed on this trip.

View from the top of our two hour hike. It was awesome! The first thirty minutes kicked our butts-but it was worth it.

Me- surrounded by Manzanita trees.

Girls hiking through the boulder trail. Notice how Jen is holding up the rock for us. :)

Banana boats-heaven for your mouth. Slit open a banana, add little marshmallows, chocolate chips, wrap in foil and put in the campfire. When warmed, add whipped cream and crushed graham crackers. YUMMMMY!!!!

Nikki and the awesome bananas. We actually went into town to get more bananas so we could eat more.

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