Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lake Casitas, CA

Here are some pictures of our first camping trip of the season! We drove up to Lake Casitas in Ventura, CA. When I first came to CA I lived in Ventura-I can't believe I never knew about this place! Then again, I was 21 and running from the country and wanting the big city life of L.A. Now I hate L.A. If it weren't for the constant traffic and construction, we could have been there in two and a half hours, instead of four. Oh well. We have a portable DVD player for the kids. And books. Here are some pictures of our long weekend. We had a great time and have put this place on our list for repeat visits. The campsites were pretty close together but we got lucky and got a great site. When our 'neighbor's' showed up Friday night they turned out to be pretty nice, too. So if it's 'get away from the people' type camping you're looking for- this is NOT the place for you, but if you are looking to get away from it all and meet new friends-then by all means-make reservations! But make them early-they book up fast. There are some record bass and trout in this reservoir-we saw them jump tantalizingly close to our boat. But they didn't want to bite. We still had fun and the scenery was amazing. The eucalyptus tree in front of our campsite was a roosting tree for turkey vultures-which we had never seen before. They left feathers for us-and other parting gifts for the poor soul who parked under the tree. All and all we had a wonderful time (minus that @#%%^ L.A. traffic.) Seriously. You can't get anywhere trying to get through L.A....

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