Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Nutballs

So I decided I needed to intervine on one of the boys arguements a few days ago. I usually let them fight it out unless blood is part of the equation. This was really a Daddy moment, but since Allan was at work, I did the best I could. What else is a girl to do? The arguement went something like this:

Dante: They're NUTS, Jonah!
Jonah: No they aren't, they're BAllS!
Dante: NUTS!
Jonah: BALLS!
Dante: NUH UH! NUTS!
Jonah: Nope. BALLS!

I thought I better intervene before one of them got punched there. OR decided to bring out the evidence.

Mommy: Hey! Boys! Knock it off! They're called 'testicles.' (aren't I ever the nurse?)


Dante: Well, Justin calles them NUTS!
Jonah: Well, Michael calles them BALLS!
Dante: NUTS!
Jonah: BALLS!

Mommy: shaking head, leaving room, and locking herself in her own room to laugh her head off. AND call Daddy to let him know what he is going to be talking about to the boys at bedtime....

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