Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas and New Year

Happy New Year~ Not a lot to report, just a few pictures. Our New Year's Resolution? Get all our bills, except for the mortgage, payed off by June! That means extra shifts for me. (And probably less blogging as well.) Wishing you all a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Allan and Dante at Tante Omi and Onkel Opa's house in Sun City, CA on New Year's Day. We spent the afternoon with them, their son David, his wife Leslie and their daughter, Kayla.

Me and the boys being silly New Year's Eve. I worked all day and came home around 8 pm. We put on our glasses, danced around, toasted the New Year with some juice and went to bed. I guess I already sowed my wild oats...

Jonah and Dante showing off their 'Star Wars' Christmas gifts. Between the Star Wars stuff and Grandma and BoBo's helicopters, they were in heaven!

Me and the boys on Christmas Eve, after Mass. They each opened one gift, we sat around the tree, listened to music and enjoyed each other. (and the prospect of Santa coming was pretty thrilling, too!)

Dante and Jonah Christmas morning. They were so excited! For me and Allan, the best part was watching them each pick presents for each other to open and to generally be excited for each other when opening gifts. It wasn't just a mad dash of strewn paper and screams-they very carefully opened gifts and enjoyed the process, not just the present inside.

Rocket getting in the spirit. Or just being so shaggy he couldn't see the hat to notice it...we got him groomed about a week after this picture. He looks much more dignified when shaggy...he looks pretty prissy after getting groomed. I think he feels pretty silly, too. Poor guy.

The boys at Scripps Encinita's Hospital's annual Children's Christmas Party. It's really a fun time for the kids. Carl Etter, our chief executive officer plays Santa every year. He's a great guy. The boys favorite part besides Santa? Cookies, of course!

Roght before leaving for Church-Christmas Eve Children's Mass at 4:30. I love the Midnight Mass but will have to wait a few more years before the boys will be able to handle it.

Jonah making his own gingerbread house. He was very indignant that Dante got to make one at school with all his friends and he didn't. (well, the DID make one little in preschool, but apparently that wasn't enough...) This was a left over faux gingerbread house (aka-graham cracker...) from Dante's school Gingerbread party.

This is a Christmas Star made out of capiz shells. It is a Filipino tradition, called a Parol. I love it! I think it is so beautiful. Allan's mom brought it with her as a gift the last time she visited. It can be 'programmed' to flash at different intervals. It is really very pretty. And because they are all made out of the shells, there are no two that are ever alike. Lovely!

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