Sunday, November 29, 2009


It hasn't rained in months. We awoke Saturday morning to the booming sound of thunder and pouring rain. It pummeled the roof and blasted the windows. We were all happy to stay piled in bed most of the morning as we listened to the wind and rain wage their fury. By afternoon the rain subsided some, so we adventured out to our favorite park and fishing hole, Guajome Lake. It's a short bike ride from the house but the few hours of rain caused much runoff and Spring Creek-the creek that runs through our subdivion and feeds Guajome Lake, always swells after even the smallest rainstorm and becomes impossible to pass with our beach cruisers. So we piled in the car with the fishing poles- Dante was convinced that the rain would land him a world class catfish-and drove around the bend to the lake/pond. We haven't caught anything here all year, but Dante refuses to give up hope. Here are some pics of our rainy day outing. And no, we didn't catch anything.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

So the party was a blast! It was a big hit for adults and kids alike. All my prepwork this week paid off and I wasn't too overwhelmed the day of the party. (Even with the mandatory Sacrament meeting with Fr. Bud at 9 am at the church. Halloween, Fr. Bud?!? )
The menu included chili and baked potatoes with all the trimmings for the grown ups along with a fruit platter and my spinach bacon rice salad. The kids had 'bloody fingers' (hotdogs cut to look like fingers) and eyeballs (grapes.) I made the kids Worm Pie made with pudding and oreo cookies and gummy worms, and and ice cream candy cake for the grown ups. The kids started arriving at 3 pm and we had crafts and the jumpy until everyone arrived. We had games for an hour, then dinner then the mingling outside watching the sky and having purely scientific debates about whether it was dark enough to start trick or treating. Finally, finally, with kids about ready to lose their minds from excitement, they were allowed to join the small trickle of zoombies, ladybugs, princesses and knights that were beginning to fill the sidewalks. The boys went with our party goers, Allan and I and my friend Jen stayed behind to stoke the fire in the firepit that we had set up in the driveway and to give out the candy. (30 lbs of candy, by the way. Doled out a peice and a time and still gone in 2 hours...) Our neighborhood has got to be one of the best neighborhoods around for trick or treating. Going door to door has become a lost art-neighbors no longer knowing one another has led to fear and suspicion and many churches have begun having festivals in their halls. So for us Halloween Purists, my neighborhood is coveted nostalgia of our own fond childhood memories. The sidewalks were packed with kids-the streets filled with costumed grown ups and dogs. We even had a ghost on a trailer being driven around by a ghoul in a golf cart. The haunted house behind us was stellar this year. Dante came out crying (so I'm told) but can't stop talking about how scarey it was. I asked him HOW scarey and he thought about it for awhile and said this: 'Well, at first it was TERRIFYINGLY scarey, but now, when I talk about it, it's DELICIOUSLY scarey." May ALL your Halloween's be Delicious!

Worm Pie: chocolate pudding mixed with crushed oreo cookies and gummy worms Disgustingly yummy!

Bloody Fingers: a hotdog cut in 1/2, fingernail and knuckle cut out before baking. The end is wrapped in crescent roll dough and then dipped in ketchup. The results are suprisingly real looking...

The Pinata Fights Back!

Me as a Flapper, Allan in his 'Sexy Husband' Costume


All the Ladies!

Me and Erin

Kristina and the balloon game-she very gracefully put the balloon between her knees, then covered herself back up with her hoop skirt and very princess like, slowly walked back to the starting line. It was so cute!!

Jonah, fast as lightning, winning the balloon game.

Justin and the Silly String War!!!


Jack o Lantern Jump

Dante/Obi Wan...commanding the FORCE.

More Silly String

Michael/Batman...Jonah's best friend from Pre K.

Quincy and Kristina-butterfly and Princess Belle

Jack, the youngest, won the Jar O Spiders for guessing exactly 100.

Eyeball balloons

decorations-Black cat and all

The skull pumpkin...done at Jonah's direction. (It was his pumpkin, after all.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

At the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's pure fun without the stress and expectations of typical religious holidays like Christmas. There is no commercialized "gimmeee's" for toys or other big ticket items, either. It's dress up, it's pretend, it free candy! What could be more fun?

Here are some pictures of our time at the pumpkin patch in Temecula. We usually go to Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center, but today was too hot and we didn't want to drive that far and face the crowds. Allan and I also managed to get in a dinner by ourselves-we dropped the kids off at his brother's house for a couple of hours. What a great day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mommy to Jonah while snuggling before bed: You're getting so big... I remember when I could hold you with one arm.

Jonah: Yea. You're lucky I'm growing cuz now you get to hold me with BOTH your arms.

Sigh. I love my boys!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mind Reader?

Jonah has an aptitude of saying or doing something at the same time I am thinking it. It has happened more than once and after about the third time in one day, I exclaimed "Wow! Jonah! You must be a mind reader!!"

He looked up from playing and very seriously said " There is NO WAY I can read your mind. I don't even know how to read books yet."

The Joy of Boys

We went to San Diego yesterday to spend some time with friends. They have boys close to the same age as Dante and Jonah and they always have a good time together. Here are some shots of them.