Friday, December 19, 2008

The Real Santa

It takes a child to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas:

While driving home in the car today, I was telling the boys about our plans these last few days before Christmas. I exictedly told them that SANTA was coming to mommy's WORK and there was going to be a children's party!
My ever cynical 4 year old asked suspiciously, "Is it the REAL Santa, or a FAKE Santa?"

I was shocked. We never talked about a real vs. fake Santa? Crap! What do I do?!

My wise 7 year old came to the rescue.

"Well, you know, it might be the FAKE Santa. But that's okay, the FAKE Santa's are here to remind us to keep the REAL Santa in our heart. "

Merry Christmas. May you always have the REAL Santa in your heart!

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