Friday, December 19, 2008

The Real Santa

It takes a child to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas:

While driving home in the car today, I was telling the boys about our plans these last few days before Christmas. I exictedly told them that SANTA was coming to mommy's WORK and there was going to be a children's party!
My ever cynical 4 year old asked suspiciously, "Is it the REAL Santa, or a FAKE Santa?"

I was shocked. We never talked about a real vs. fake Santa? Crap! What do I do?!

My wise 7 year old came to the rescue.

"Well, you know, it might be the FAKE Santa. But that's okay, the FAKE Santa's are here to remind us to keep the REAL Santa in our heart. "

Merry Christmas. May you always have the REAL Santa in your heart!

Christmas at St. Francis School

Today was a busy day and a perfect example of a mother's multi-tasking skills. We were up at 6:20 am-breakfast for the boys, get them ready for school (thank God for school uniforms!) and then-oh yea! I have to get ready, too! (I wish I was in a uniform today...I hate regular clothes.)

Christmas presents for the teachers? Check!
Backpacks and lunches? Check!
Homework. library books,and signed forms? Check!
Payments for whatever is going on at school this month? Check!
Kids in car? Check!

Finally! On the road-

Kids have their jackets and schoolwork and backpacks? Check!
Mom has camera, gifts, and school nurse stuff? Check!

Now-run to the classrooms. Dante gives me a kiss at the threshold, Jonah pulls on my arm to get him to preschool. I drop him off, stay a few minutes to chat up the teachers and give them their giftsand then off to Mass with Dante.

After Mass-unlock the nurses office, take attendance and then run to St. Clare's hall have breakfast with Jonah and Santa and the rest of the preschoolers, pre-k kids and their parents.

Back to the nurses office for recess boo-boo-s and owies and general hugs from and to the kids.

To Dante's class with gifts for the teachers.

Back to the nurse's office to orient a new volunteer and clean up the space for the Christmas break. (No Christmas mice in the Health Office!)

Lock up, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and pick up Dante. I was hoping to leave with empty arms but I received back as many Christmas goodies as I gave! Trudge up the hill to preschool to pick up Jonah and then to lunch with the kids. (We always go out to lunch when it's half day at school. Our tradition...) Home for nap and then some down time! Yay! I think my days at the school are just as exhausting as my 12 hour shifts at the hospital. I can't quite figure out why...

Here are some pictures of the past two days at school. Merry Christmas to all of you!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ladies Man

After a week off for Thanksgiving break, Jonah was very excited to go back to school. He hung up his backpack and raced inside the classroom. He opened his arms out wide and announced, "Good Morning, Ladies. I'm HEEEERE. "

Lord Have Mercy.