Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tiger Scouts

So Dante is now a Tiger Scout. I've sort of been on the fence about Scouting. Before I had kids I said my sons would NEVER be in scouts because of their anti homosexual standing. (As if gays are pedophiles! The best sat re on this is a South Park episode. If you can find it, watch it!) But now I have kids and with parenting comes new thoughts and beliefs. My children have in some ways made me more pragmatic then idealistic. Oh sure-I still have my lofty notions of world peace, clean environments and all that, but my world has become a smaller stage in many ways as I now have two ACTUAL lives to think about. So, is Scouting anti-gay? Maybe. Does it matter? Maybe. But it also matters that my son wants to join to be with his friends. They learn good citizenship, cool McGuiver type stuff and self confidence. And it takes all of that for the next generation to change our world. And God knows it needs changing! So I have decided that Scouting's one bad policy does not outweigh the other good stuff it produces. I'm still a little freaked out about the salute and the color guard (maybe my German roots have made me Uber sensitive to the whole 'Hitler Youth' ideas as well as our country's own 'Guns, God and Country" ideas.) I guess the point is, not everything has to be political. Some stuff is just fun. And for now, Scouting is fun. Here are some pictures of Dante's first Pack meeting and getting his first badge-the bobcat badge. They had to learn the Scouting motto: "Do My Best." The Scout Salute and Handshake, and the Pledge of Allegiance. (He already learned that in Preschool.) He is looking forward to the Rain gutter Regatta next month. More pictures of that to follow!

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