Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lake Elsinore

I get antsy easily. As much as I like being at home, I also get cabin fever on a regular basis and need to get out and explore. So we took a day trip up to Riverside County and the little town of Lake Elsinore. We are only 40 minutes away but have never really stopped to look around. We at lunch at home and then took off in the Scion for a little jaunt north. The boys napped which gave Allan and I a chance to 'catch up' and talk without being interrupted for a change. It was an easy drive-no traffic to speak of. The city of Lake Elsinore is a sleepy little town with an old fashioned downtown and lots of antique stores. (Most were closed-I guess they still observe the 'blue laws' of stores being closed on Sundays. I thought that only happened in the midwest!) Lake Elsinore has grown from about 12 thousand to almost 50 thousand in the last decade. The lake almost dried up in the 1930's and was refilled in the 1960's. It flooded its banks in 1980 and destroyed many homes around her shore. Since then the city has made provisions for flood banks and although the past decade has been plagued with drought, there are now a marsh and canal which has been created to hold back the waters should it try to flood again. We did find a master planned shopping area (but somehow missed the outlet stores. We forgot about those! Guess I am not the shopper I once was...) east of old downtown, and stopped for a much needed Starbucks. With the smell of roasted coffee, the boys woke up and were ready for their own chocolate milks and madeline's. We drank and talked in the shade of the umbrella provided by Starbucks. We noticed the heat, too. It was 92 degrees. The wind helped to make it comfortable. We found our way to the shore of the lake. It is a large lake with lots of room for motor boats, kayaks and jetskis. The boys changed their minds about fishing and decided to take a dip in their undies, instead. We are used to the shocking coldness of the Pacific ocean, followed by a numbing chill so the warm fresh water of the lake felt like bath water to us!. Here are some pictures of the boys enjoying Lake Elsinore.

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