Saturday, July 5, 2008


Jonah came up to me while we were eating breakfast at my parents. He is three, mind you. He says to me "I am feeling kind of EVIL."
Through nervous laughter, (am i raising an axe murderer?) I ask, "why are you feeling evil? "

He answers brightly with his little boy lisp "Oh! Cuz we're playing Star Wars and I am Darth Vader...and I am EEEVIL."

Whew! Society is safe!

We all know what happens to Darth Vader in the end. He repents, becomes good again and is saved. Kind of like all humanity, don't you think? Since I have become a Catholic over a decade ago, I am always so amazed and pleased at how our culture is infused into the secular world. Star Wars espeically has so many Catholic inferences. Whenever I hear "May the Force Be With You" I want to respond with arms wide open "And also with you." George Lucas is Catholic, isn't he? Anyway- I love how secular culture can be intertwined with our faith, and vice versa. The boys ask me frequently, 'what is the Force?" Our answer, "It is like God." And my boys get that.

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