Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mistaken Identity

Jonah, who is three, is already quite the philosopher. I've been to college and can usually hold up my end of a conversation. If I don't know the answeres, I can useally BS my way to a conclusion. BS doesn't work with a three year old. In fact, he asks such intrugiing questions I am left speechless.

He asked me last week, Do you have toes? Does everybody have toes? Why do we have toes?"

My logical answers don't impress him. "We need toes to balance and walk. Without toes we would not be able to walk."

It was not the answer he was looking for.

Last night during our snuggle time he said " Who built me?"
I said" Well, you grew in my tummy, but God built you."

He sat up in bed and looked at me and adamantly shook his head, "NU UH! God doesn't build PEOPLE! He lives at Church and builds TOYS."

"No, honey, God doesn't build toys."

Silence.....'Oh YEAH! Santa builds toys!

Silence.....'so why did God build people? Why did God build me? Why do we have toes?'

I have been searching the internet for classes that teach Preschool Philosophy. I haven't had any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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