Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday, Dante

Off With Your Head!

Dante celebrated his birthday both yesterday and today-yesterday at my sister in law's Independence Day BBQ and today by spending a few hours at the beach with his new boogie board from Grandma and Bobo. I guess age 7 is too big to allow for a 'birthday cake request.' He really has a lot of faith in me. He wanted a 'Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones cake." Oh exactly do I pull that off? I was pretty impressed with Jonah's firetruck cake last year, but this? What to do, what to do? I decided to make a sheet cake and three loaf pans, plus muffins and mini muffins. I sprayed the pans AS INSTRUCTED and even used non-stick pans...but of course, they have to stick for me. (and yes, I let them cool. I even put them in the fridge overnight.) Dang it!!! Well, I do have toothpicks and spackal like frosting... I cut the tops off of the muffins and placed them on the cake to look like the round raised bumps on the legos. I used two loaves next to each other at the other end and frosted the same color to look like lego peices attached to the big lego. I used mini muffins with the tops cut off for those bumps. Then I used one last loaf and mini muffin for the top lego in a different color. TaDa! But how do i intergrate the Star Wars and Indiana Jones theme? Just ask the birthday boy! The legos are his final touch. I don't find it my best work, but I guess it is all in the eyes of the beholder. Dante said "this is the best cake, ever!' It is good to be Mommy.

Next week we 'finish up' the celebrations when MoMo and his girlfriend Sarine arrive-2nd cousins from Germany who arrived in Portland, OR at my parents the evening we left for home. It will be so fun to play tour guide again, and the kids were spoiled rotten by their....3rd cousins? (Is this where the term cousins twice removed comes from?) No matter! Family is family and we will be sure to have lots of fun and lots of pictures to share!

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