Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mountain Biking

These are pictues of Kay and I biking at Eklutna Lake, Alaska. It was a beautiful day for it-a bit cool and a little wind. The lake is beautiful and serves as a resevoir for Anchorage's water supply. There were a few kayakers on the shore-but no motorboats allowed. We biked about 11 miles and had a nice picnic on the rocky shoreline. AND I got to find a letterbox! 11 all together on my week long visit with my sister. Not bad, not bad. It was actually my first time to mountain bike good rocky, hilly and muddy trails. It was greatly satisfying to get splattered with mud. Oh yeah-and I injured my knee trying not to fall. It ended up about twice it's size. It's a good day out in the woods when you get dirty and injured!

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