Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation June 10th 2008

Wow! So big he has a mustache already!

the family

with ana and emily

getting his certificate from Mrs. Witowitch

Dante walking to Pomp and Circumstance

proud dante

tante omi, onkle opa and jonah with the proud graduate

Dante is offically a "Big Boy" now. He graduated from Kindergarten at St. Francis of Assisi Parch School yesterday. It was a lovely ceremony. The childern marched into the church two by two to "Pomp and Circumstance." They assembled on the alter steps and sang a few songs, read from the podium (yes READ! in Kindergarten!) sang some more, received their certificates, and then filed back out to the hall for some cake. I was so proud of tears! I was sure I would cry, I even brought kleenex with me. But Dante had such a proud look on his face the whole day that all I could do was smile. After we had cake and punch, we invited some of his friends to join us at Chuck E Cheese to continue the celebration. After all, even Big Boys are never too old for Chuck E's!.

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