Sunday, June 8, 2008

Powerbox in Arctic Beauty

I did some power letterboxing while in AK. My sister was a good sport and hunted fourwith me. The others I found with AnyaKosta and Alaska Homeschool Mommy. It is ironic that I live in San Diego county, in the most populated state in the county, and have never once bumped into another letterboxer, yet while in Alaska, the LEAST populated state, I should find another boxer looking for the same box in Eagle River. My sister was impressed, too. She thought letterboxing was just a 'little hobby' that I found out about, not an international pasttime. After getting AnyaKosta's info, and contacting AK Homeschool Mommy, the three of us met up in Anchorage to do some power boxing. My favorite? The box at 'sleeping moose' coffee kiosk-where one must order an 'eggplant latte' to receive the elusive prize! Thanks AKHSM and AnyaKosta, for showing me around Anchorage. If it hadn't been for our meeting place at Cold Stone on Northern Lights Blvd and Muldoon, I would never had risked my life for the close-ups of the moose grazing in town. Next big letterboxing adventure: Road Trip 2008. San Diego to Vancouver, WA. Again. Only this time our 1st stop will be in Eureka instead of Redding. And I am keeping my fingers crossed no giant spider finds its way near my body!

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