Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Horse of Course

My mom and sisters are all horse crazy. I had riding lessons in jr. high and high school-my mom was at the stable every spare moment she had. I never had the heart to tell any of them that horses were never my cup of tea. It's not that I don't like them. They are very gentle creatures-especially for animals big enough to stomp you to death. It's just that they scare me. Not terrify me. But scare me enough that I have never been totally comfortable around them. Being thrown a time or two probably added to that sentiment. It's not like they are dogs that can curl up in your lap or snuggle you when you are feeling blue. I have always been more of a dog person than a horse person. But since I was the youngest in the family, and had the opportunity to be around horses more than my horse crazy sisters, I just smiled and nodded when I was repeatedly told how lucky I was to have horses growing up. Now my oldest sister has horses of her own and she just swoons over them. I think she would live in the barn if she could. So we went riding one day for a few hours. Ember is the horse I rode. And she knew I was nervous and took full advantage! We stayed in the corral for about 45 minutes before we both felt comfortable enough to go out on the trail. Just as I started to get my confidence up, she decided to pretend she was a Hunter Jumper and clear a pile of sticks on the trail. That screaming you heard? That was me... And the whinney? That was Ember laughing...

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