Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Send in the Clowns

Dante has been happily practicing for St. Francis' annual spring variety show. It is his first, as last year we missed it because we were camping in Sequioa. He has been singing soulfully and practicing his dance moves for a month now. The kindergarteners were to wear clown costumes. We decided to make ours, and it turned out very cute! We did buy a pink clown wig-his choice. I glued pompoms to an old colorful shirt, bought some red suspenders, had him wear a pair of Daddy's shorts, some of my silly socks and his pink snow boots. I also did his face with face paint per his specifications. When we arrived for the show, all his classmates looked darling; all were decked out in various clown outfits. We couldn't even recognize some of them. The show was outside and the parents all brought camp chairs or blankets. It was catered by Pat and Oscar's with pizza and chicken. (If you wanted to pay for food.) We brought our own picnic and set up on the grass. Jonah wanted to be part of the action, too. Luckily I brought some of the clown makeup with me, in case I needed to do a touch up or two before Dante was to go 'on stage.' Jonah was happy with a ring around his eye and a heart on cheek. I dread the day he will come home with a ring in his nose and tattoo on his chest. Although since mommy has a tattoo, he probably won't want one-it will be too 'old school.' The production was great. The kindergarteners and their 8th grade buddies performed 3 songs. Dante was a ham. And what a DANCER! I had no idea he could put such great moves together. Most of the other kids were just bobbing up and down, Dante had some hip hop stuff going on I had no idea he could do. (He hasn't even watched Napoleon Dynamite, yet. Or MTV. ) It was great! Perhaps I have 'produced' my own little thespian! (Because we all know the DRAMA comes from my side of the family. Ha! Ha!)

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