Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Napalm: AKA Flaming Marshmallows on a Stick

The boys had their first sleep over this weekend. We decided to make it a camping theme, and set up the tent and fire pit in the backyard. We bought stuff for s'mores and roasted hotdogs. All the fun of camping without the hassle!. Our friend's kids have never been camping before and their parent's were a bit apprehensive about them actually making it through the night outside. We figured we would probably be woken up at 2 am with someone crying to come inside or go home, so Allan slept in the tent with the boys while I slept on the couch in case one of the boys made it out of the tent before Allan woke up. We worried about the wrong things. While roasting marshmallows-let me rephrase-while setting marshmallows on fire- Jonah, age 3, kept waving around his marshmallow sparkler as the Milo boys were walking around the firepit. Ryan, the youngest, got hit. He didn't cry much, and when I brought him in to assess the damage and wash the site, I was horrified to see pink skin under his dark complection. His left forearm had a two inch burn. I washed it, tried to ice it through 5 yo screaming protests, then gave him the bandaide he asked for. I figured the burn was a deep 2nd degree. I called his parents but they didn't call back and he seemed okay. It looked okay the next morning too. I put triple antibiotic cream on it as well. He didn't appear to even notice it the next morning. I learned Monday morning when I called to check up on Ryan our friends took him the pediatrican and the burn is actually a third degree. And he needs dressing changes twice a day. And antibiotics. I feel so shitty about it!!! First, I feel bad that he got injured under our watch, and 2nd, feel stupid that I didn't realize it was a third degree burn. I am a nurse after all. I should KNOW these things. It doesn't matter that I don't work with kids or burns, I should still know this, shouldn't I?! Maybe I need my parent card AND my nursing license revoked.....
I am glad he will be okay, and relieved that our friends aren't upset (I think I would be) and have not banned the boys from our care. No more open flames should they be allowed to spend the night again!

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