Sunday, April 13, 2008

Food Chain Gang

We received a pet canary from Allan's brother yesterday. Arnel has a aviary full of canaries. The one we received was fighting with the other male and could no longer live in the enclosure. He was being kept in the garage and getting lonely. It is a male and a very pretty yellow. Dante named him Sponge Bob. The kids were fighting over him, and Jonah has been saying for a long time that he wants a rat. So we went to the pet store to buy a $10.00 rat. $50 bucks and two rats later we now have a menagarie. (I felt bad separating the babie-I made it out to the car with just one, but when i looked in on it and he/she was quivering in the corner of the box, I caved and we marched back into the store to buy his buddy. Hmm... I wonder if they put pairs in the habits for this very reason... I wonder if I get the 'sucker' discount? ) Their names are Theodore (Alvin and Chipmunks-Jonah's rat,) and Gary (pet snail/cat from Sponge Bob-Dante's rat) Now i know why my mom never let us name our pets! They are babies, the size of mice right now. Having had two pairs of rats in my 20's, I know these little guys will soon be big. Rats are so much nicer than gerbils, hamsters or guinea pigs. They don't bite just to be spiteful, are very smart and trainable. I just love them! I at first thought they were twins-they are white with a black stripe down the back and half of the naked tails are also black. Gary's (or is it Theodore?) Stripe is fatter, has a little smudge of black on his haunches and the black goes down farther on the tail. They are currently in a shoe box, but will go into the lizard enclosure that is currently taking up space in the garage. That enclosure is quite big. It held a 5 lb. bearded dragon for five years. He was a lovely specimen. He is now buried under a rock in the backyard. Dante keeps wanting to dig him up and take his bones to the museum. I hope and pray I can keep these little boys alive longer than the fish we have tried to keep. After my 3rd toilet bowl funeral, I decided fish was not my gig. Now we have the whole food chain in our house. Well, mostly. At least I am no longer buying food for the food that we fed to the lizard. The live crickets we bought weekly for Leo the Lizard required cricket food, and a dusting of vitamin powder before being sacrificed to the Lizard God... Now all we need is seeds-canary seeds and rat seeds. And lots of fruits from the garden. We just pray that the other carnivorious fur kids don't try to make a lunch out of the newest members of the family. Rocket is already licking his chops whenever he sees the bird or the rats. Roxie, too. Maybe the two will get along better with a common goal in mind. Meanwhile, just when the poop patrol gets better for me, I now have increased it three fold. Oh well-I prefer the poop patrol over the barf brigade. Allan gets that one.! Although he draws the line at hairballs. If it is spewed from his offspring he is okay, if it is my furbabies, I am out of luck. I will take what I can get!

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