Friday, March 21, 2008

Along Came Poly..gamy

Dante is at the age where he talks about when he can 'marry me.' Telling him I am already married to Daddy doesn't sway him. Today he said "Mommy- I am going to marry you AND Elizabeth."


I prodded him for more info...

You mean Ethan's sister?

Yes, I sit next to her everyday.

You like her?

Yes. (he whispered this part in my ear) Because I am in love with her.

[What the?!]

Why do you like her?

Because she is beautiful and wears a ribbon in her hair.
She is Illuminating. [ that means beautiful, Mommy.]

Does she know you like her?

I dunno. I told Ethan. I'm gonna go play Wii now

Wow. I am thinking this is cute but also totally freaked out!!!
My son is only 6 and in kindergarten! AND it is a small catholic school....

I think I may need to start looking for an all boys school soon...

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