Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow Much Fun!

We had a great time up in the mountains this weekend. We took our annual Big Bear trip and had the best time ever! The kids disappeared with all the the other cousins. They had the run of the house and we basically didn't see them all weekend. Between the pool table, games, sauna and the sledding hill, it was paradise for everyone. We had our own private sledding hill, and the mother of all snowball fights. Jonah was the only one who sustained injury this year. After a sledding accident (with daddy), he landed face first in a snow/ice drift and ended up with a bloody nose and road rash. It didn't slow him down much.
The house we stay in overlooks Big Bear Lake and this year the lake is frozen over. We watched fox cross over the frozen water. Allan and I had the chance to go and ski/board together for the first time since having kids. We took the twins with us this year-they will be 16 next week. They haven't boarded since we took them 10 years ago! They picked it up quickly and were sliding down the slopes in no time! We look forward to this family weekend every year and are already looking forward to next February.

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