Friday, February 1, 2008


Jonah is only three, but already he knows how to 'work it.' He will be the heartbreaker, while Dante will get his heart broken. Ana, our awesome babysitter, who we have had for almost three years, (Thank God for her!) came Sunday night to watch the boys so Allan and I could go on a much needed dinner date. She must have gone out during the day, because when she arrived she had her hair down and curly, and was wearing nice clothes.
Jonah took one look at her, stopped short and gave her the eye. He looked her up and down, walked around her like she was a new car for purchase. He said "Oh Ana...!" and was then speechless. He attempted to express himself a couple of times, but could only say "Oh Ana....!"
He finally got it out:

"Oh Ana! You look.....PERFECT."

She came back to the house the next day in her usuall 'uniform' of velour sweats and hair in a ponytail, I asked him "Does Ana still look perfect?"

He looked up from his breakfast-swept his eyes over her briefly and said, "No. Not now."

What a stinker!

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