Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss Adventure!

Okay- I am still relatively 'new' to letterboxing, (go to . It is a scavanger hunt in nature, basically. You look for boxes that have been 'planted' by others, and you can plant boxes yourself.) and so I must report my first 'situation' with one of my last plants. I took my dog, Rocket (see Rocketman's profile on atlasquest) with me to go and plant 'Go Comets!' a few weeks ago. I knew the hike would be a bit dicey, hence no kids. All went well on the hike UP the hill (mountain, by so. Cal. standards...) and while I was planting, enjoying the views and catching my breath, I realized I was probably going to have a problem coming DOWN. We took it slow, me sloloming down the trail side to side, Rocket picking his way gingerly from rock to rock. (He is a big baby, not like my last dog, Maya the awesome superhero pitbull...see my postal 'in memory of maya'.) I almost ate it twice, so resorted to the 'crab walk'- knees bent, butt down, body weight back. I did eventually land on my butt and slid a good 25 feet on it. Usually I try to follow the dog down, but the big goober decided to try to follow me, instead. We made it down finally, but i lost his leash on one of my slip and slides. He is a medium sized dog, so I had no problem carrying him across the busy street I needed to cross to get back to my car. I got lots of honks and laughs at the intersection. I figured I did look like a big goof carrying my dog, so i just smiled and laughed, too. I put him back down when I got to the college campus I needed to go through to get back to my car. I was pretty proud of myself for having hiked up the hill, which has a reputation for being difficult. I saw a few students on campus who looked at me oddly. I thought it was because i had Rocket with me...maybe dogs aren't allowed on campus? So i explained to half a dozen 20 something boys about our adventure to the top of the hill. 'Oh. That explains it.' one cute skater kid said. I figured, again, he was talking about the dog. I cont. to walk another 10 minutes to my car. It was then that i BUTT was showing. I ripped my pants on my fall and being an original nerd, OF COURSE didn't notice until I had shown off my backside to half the town.