Saturday, November 17, 2007


Maya was my first dog as a 'grown-up.' I had her longer than I have had my children. What a wonderful girl! She filled up spaces in my heart I didn't know I had. She was a reflection of the Divine; loving, forgiving, protective, only in the moment needing only to be loved in return. Because I loved her so much, I helped her out of the pain of cancer and into the Ever After through euthenasia. It was one of my most difficult moments, but the love she showed me for nine years helped alleviate my pain of losing her. While she was laying on my lap, looking up with loving eyes that were masked by physical pain, I asked her through my tears to let me know that she was fine-that there was life after what we know of here.

During the week it took to have her cremated, I kept smelling whiffs of roses in my stairwell at home. I have no roses or rose scented cleaning supplies. Being a new Catholic, it made me think of our Eternal Mother, Mary, and lessened my ache and emptiness. I got the call a week later to pick up Maya's ashes from the vet. I received her in a beautiful cedar box with her named engraved on top. When I opened the box, nestled inside was a plastic bag filled with ashes. And on top....a single pink rose.

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