Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh Baby!

Most little boys are rough around babies. Not Jonah. He adores them!. He will gaze sweetly at them, stroke their hands and say "Oh, how cute!" When we were driving to pick up Dante from school, he said,' Mommy, we need a baby.'

I laughed and said 'Where are we going to get it?"

"OH! The baby store."

"What kind of baby are we going to get there?"

"OH! A PINK one!"

Monday, September 17, 2007

Here are some pics of Dante's first day of kindergarten. In some he is holding a 'schuel tuete', or 'school bag' filled with treats. It is a German tradition to give to the children on their first day of kindergarten. He is going to St. Francis of Assisi Parish School. He was in Pre-K here last year so he is happy to have some friends he already knows. He will be here through 8th grade. We will have to figure out what to do about high school when the time comes-I don't know how we will afford 10 grand per year for two kids!! (plus the commute is 45 minutes to San Diego, or 45 minutes north to San Juan Capistrano).... so God willing-we will stay at St Francis and see what comes down the road. For now- we love the school! I will be a room mom again this year as well as helping out in the nurses office twice a month. I am sure this year will fly by again. What will i do with myself when Jo Jo is in school, too? (Not wanting to think about it!)