Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tooth Fairy

Dante lost his first tooth yesterday! It has been loose for over a week and he has been very concerned that we might have to get a pincher to grab it and pull it out. It fell out on its own in the car on the way to swim lessons. We put it in the tooth fairy pillow from Grandma before he went to bed and in the morning there were four quarters in it's place, and fairy dust on the bed and his cheek! He is so enamoured with the fact that he was kissed by the tooth fairy! He won't let me wash the glitter off his face, and keeps looking at himself in the mirror and smiling at the shimmer still on his cheekAnd I thought he would only care about the money... Now I have to worry that Mommy might be easily replaced! :) Dante is now an official 'big boy.' How glorious the days of children!

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