Monday, July 23, 2007

Halloween hell

I have decided that sugar is from Hell. It is evil and it is why some people (The smart ones) forbid halloween and say it is the day of the devil. Sugar is from the devil. Who ever thought of giving a bunch of kids a shitload of candy late at night?! (Satan) And who ever thought to continue the tradition year after year?! (The DEVIL!!!!!) WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? My neighbors may as well have passed out crack pipes and a lighter... My kids are practically foaming at the mouth today and I am ready to shoot myself. Yes, I finally see now why HALLOWEEN IS LUCIFER'S DAY!! sugar=cocaine=the devil's playground. Next year we pass out little bags of carrots... I refuse to contribute to this madness....(although we did pass out playdough this year which was a big hit. Better the mess than the high anyday.) Or maybe pass out Xanax for all the mommies and teachers?! HELP......ME.......

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