Sunday, July 15, 2007


The boys are sleeping-we did a 2 mile walk today. Jonah loves the stroller, and Dante rode his bike. I knew Dante was getting tired because he started stopping every hundred yards or so and say' my motorcycle is out of gas, i need to fill it up.' Whenever i asked if he was ready to go he would say, 'no, it's not full yet.' I had to bribe him with a chocolate milk with whipped cream from Starbucks to keep him going. We did get out and walk along the water for a bit, until Jonah tried to bolt in. He threw an enormous temper tantrum when i picked him up and wouldn't put him down. I had to practically sit on him to get him strapped in the stoller again. He throws tantrums like Dante did, but his peter out much faster. He screams and kicks and bashes his head for a few minutes, then finds his thumb, sighs, sniffs, and starts sucking and blinking his big eyes with tears still clinging to his lashes and drying on his cheeks. It's very dramatic and pathetic. :) Jonah is still sick with the cough and boogery nose. I think i will take him to the MD tomorrow to get him checked out. Being a nurse i am always torn about taking him in. Part of me knows its probably viral, will last 10 or so days, just give Motrin and fluids, blah blah. but then the mommmy part of me freaks and thinks It's cancer! It's meningitis! It's a foreign deadly something and i am irresponsible to not take him immediatly to the physician! (or is that just the neurotic part of me?!)

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