Saturday, July 14, 2007

Seeing Red

I want to kick some 5 year old ass. I don't trust people that say they 'love kids.' Kids suck. Unless they are related to you and generally well behaved. We were at a party today that my six year old was invited to. I like the child who was the birthday boy, as he is one of the 'well behaved ones.' But two of the others are destined to spend some time in county jail. Dante, my boy, walked through the playground like a puppy who had just been kicked before he burst into tears and put his head on my shoulder. I could tell by the cry that it was a 'my feelings are hurt' not a 'i hurt myself' kind of cry. Between sobs he managed to tell me that the other boys decided they didn't want to play with him and called him a LOSER. Simple kids stuff? Proabably. But it brought back all kind of memories from my own childhood that I was ready to commit a felony. Now I don't want to be an over protective mother, but the mamma bear syndrome attacks hard when someone-anyone, hurts my boys. Little bastards. After I wiped Dante's eyes, and reassured him that he is the greatest kid in the universe and told him the little shits- i mean kids-are not being nice and to leave them alone, I scoped the playground like a sniper until i found them kicking sand in a girl's face. I smiled, called their names, and beckoned them to me. They stopped their torment and ran to me. I got down on one knee, looked right into their eyes, and let them know that I was watching them. Not that they cared, but I felt better as they ran off, stopped, looked back at me and then ran a little faster than before. Maybe they are thinking about being nice. More than likely they are thinking of ways to slash my tires. Just as i am thinking of ways to dispose of their bodies without getting caught. DON"T MESS WITH MOMMY.

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