Monday, July 23, 2007


October 2005

Dante was coughing and said to me, “Mommy, I think I swallowed a grasshopper.” I laughed and said, “What do you mean?” He said, “Because I am sick. I must have swallowed a bug or something.”

December 12, 2005

Dante says to me “ mommy, I can’t take it anymore! I can’t wait for Christmas one more day!”

Christmas, 2005

Christmas morning, Dante is SOO excited and runs downstairs at 6 am to see if Santa came. He starts screaming; “he came! He came! Santa ate my cookies!” It is the first year that Dante understands the idea of Santa, baby Jesus, and presents. When he opened his gifts, he would lovingly turn them over in his hands, stroke the boxes and exclaim how pretty they were. We would encourage him to actually OPEN them. Before he did rip off the paper he would say to me “ What is it mommy? I ‘ve wanted it my whole life!”

January 14, 2006

Dante's first day of soccer! He was so excited and woke up early;it was almost as if it was Christmas day again. He had three meltdowns before leaving the house at 8:30 am because he was so anxious to go. When we got there he giggled uncontrollably and wore a grin that was contagious. We video taped and took lots of pictures. Unfortunately, I turned off the video right before he decided to pull his pants down and moon the crowd. When I finally stopped laughing and got him to pull them up again, I asked him why he pulled his pants down. He yells across the field at me "BECAUSE MY BUTT ITCHES!!!" Nice. All the parents were cracking up. I wonder if someone else got it on tape...Darn it that i didn't get it on video! We could have been the 10,000$ winner on America Funniest Home Videos!

February 20th

Deacon Jim was in town for a retreat, and I drove him back to San Diego. We decided to stop at McDonalds before the drive, so the boys could play before being cooped up in the car. Jim took the kids to the play area, and I went to get the food. When I brought the food back to the table, Dante had decided he wanted to sit next to Jim. I put the tray down and sat down, and Jim took his baseball cap off. Dante looked at Jims head and said with great awe” Whoa. You don’t have any hair. What Happened?!” Jim and I just chuckled but Dante was very concerned that he didn’t have any hair. He leaned back in his chair to look at the back of Jim’s head. He nodded to himself and said to Jim, “Oh. It’s all right. You have some in the back.”

March 9, 2006

Dante and I were laying (lying?!) on the couch this morning, and i was kind of dozing since I worked last night. I of course, was still in pajamas (jamanas as Dante calls them) and hadn't brushed my teeth yet. Dante had his face right next to mine, looked in my mouth and then scrunched up his face and says "PEEYUU! You stink on the inside!"

May 3, 2006
Hi all- here are some pics of our outing to the wild animal park. It was a gloomy day at the coast, so we decided to drive inland to the park and experience 'africa hot' weather. (amazing the difference in weather in 30 miles...) We had a fun time with Dante's friend Jason. This week was the last week of the butterfly exhibit, so I was glad to have seen it. They come every year, and they are always so beautiful! We went to my favorite Lorakeet enclosure, as well. Jonah gets so excited when we feed the birds. Today I had 4 birds land on me! Two on my arm, one on shoulder (screeching in my ear) and one who decided to nest on my head! Dante also had two land on him, and it made him very nervous. Just like last time, he has a love-hat e relationship with the lorikeets. He wants to go in and feed them, but gets the heebies when they land on him! When we were driving home, he said "mommy, those birds really freak me out!" It was a lovely day. Have a wonderful week- Love, tonya and troupe

June 9th

We went to the wild animal park today. I love digital cameras-the kids can play around with it without the worry of wasting film. I gave the camera to Dante so he could take pictures of rocks and trees, etc. Whenwe came home and I went to the computer to download them, I have about 10 pictures of very nice BOOBS on my camera. Not my boobs, but boob shots of various women at the park. I asked him what he was taking pictures of, he smiled and dreamily said "Ta-Ta's!" Maybe that extended breastfeeding wasn't such a great idea...

July 5th 2006
Dante was playing with a snail outside this morning. Jonah ran up to see what he was doing and accidentally stepped on the snail. Dante of course, screeched and was at first upset; but ever the optimist and since it is his birthday, nothing can get him down today! He looked at the snail, got a big smile on his face and said" Oh! Now it's a slug!"

August 15th 2006

Dante had a bump on his elbow and asked me what it was. I said “It looks like a pimple.” He said, “No it’s not- I think I must be growing a horn.”

August 20th 2006
We were at story time at Starbucks. The librarian asked the kids what a child kangaroo was called. Dante called out ” Ninos!” On the next story, the librarian asked who rides a school bus- My brilliant boy answers “the bus driver!” (well duh- how could we not know that?)

September 5 2006
I was washing Dante’s hair and he was getting impatient so I told him “ Hold on a second-I need to rinse.” He perked up and said “Is it a spot free rinse?”
July 2007
Dante has his first loose tooth! He has been very nervous about it and is constantly asking me if we are going to have to go to the dentist and use a pincher to get it out. I try to reassure him and say it will fall out on its own. I even tried to ease his fear by telling him that grandma is getting him a present for having his first loose tooth. He threw up his arms and shouted "Hooray! A present!" Then he got serious again, touched his mouth and said "I hope it isn't a pincher!"

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