Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hiking Big Bear

February 18, 2007

We had a GREAT time with Allan's family in a cabin in Big Bear. Allan snowboarded on Saturday while the boys and i went to the 'kiddy hill' to innertube and ride the alpine slide and go carts. (all day fun for $40.00!) Jonah is a speed freak and would whine and push my hand off the brake whenever i applied it while flying down the mountain on the alpine slide. He also threw a fit and wouldn't get out of the go carts when our time was up. Yes, he is two and was also over-tired from our late night drive up the hill the night before. He is usually in bed by 7 pm and didn't go to sleep friday until midnight!! (and was of course up his usual time at the ungodly hour of 6:15 am. So we drove him back to the house with all the cousins where he slept for a good three hours while Dante and i went back to the hill to innertube and have snowball fights. It was great fun! This morning my brother-in-law and I went on an awesome hike to Baker's Peak-a nine mile round trip hike with an increase of 1200 feet elevation! We hiked through some good snow patches and got some great views of the valleys. The thing we were most amazed about was that the trailhead was only about 10 minutes from town, yet we saw not a soul the whole 4 hours we hiked. NOT ONE PERSON. It was pretty amazing-especially for a holiday weekend in a resort town in Southern California. ( i think my wait in line at starbucks in the village was longer than the whole dang hike!)